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  • Father Gabriel, whose real name is Gabriel ESTRADE was a road man, then a peddler, he lived in Saint-André with his daughter Marie.

    was born in Brivezac in Corrèze on 18 June 1828 by Léger ESTRADE, a tailor and Marie SOULDOT. He died on August 18, 1914 in Limonest.

    His daughter, Marie, born in Saint-Chamant, Corrèze, also died in Limonest on 10 April 1920.

  • Marie MERLE also lives in Saint-André where she lives alone, she was born in Lyon on April 12, 1845, of unknown father, her name was Marie-Claudine ROZET, daughter of Claudine ROZET, servant in Saint-Didier-au-mont-d'Or ; it is a family tradition because Claudine was already born of unknown father and abandoned by her mother (Claudine ROZET) she is the adoptive daughter of the sisters.

    But Marie ROZET changed her name on November 1, 1845, when Charles MERLE, a farmer in Limonest, married her mother and recognised the child.

    Charles MERLE, born in Collonges, died on 23 July 1885, his wife Claudine, on 7 February 1895 at the venerable age of 81. Doesn't the picture represent Claudine rather than Marie ?

    As for Marie, she left Limonest between 1906 and 1911, and disappeared from the communal memories.

  • Jean-Claude DURAND was a stonemason, he was born in Saint-Didier on June 3, 1862, his father, Michel, was also a stonemason. In the early 1870s Michel Durand lived in the Barolière district where he was a quarry worker and then became a road man, he died on 30 June 1879, his wife's name was Louise MERLE.

    In fact the house should be called the GUIGOUD or GRANGERhouse, because it belongs to his mother-in-law Claudine GUIGOUD who married François GRANGER and from whom she had a daughter Catherine born in Dardilly on 22 December 1861.

    This Catherine married Jean-Claude DURAND on December 1, 1883, seven months after the death of her father, François GRANGER in Algiers, but what had he been doing there ?

    Jean-Claude DURAND is a stonemason and his wife a seamstress, they have three children: Claudine was born on 15 December 1888 and died in Paris on 29 November 1955, Louis was born on 28 August 1892, married in 1920 to Marie-Antoinette PROTON and died in Lyon on 19 November 1972, and finally Marie was born on 29 June 1894.

    At the beginning of the 20th century, Jean-Claude no longer lives in the house, his wife lives there with his mother and three children. In 1906, Catherine was a daily at GLOPPE, her eldest daughter who was 18 years old working as an employee at PERRET, and Louis who was 14 years old was a gardener at RINUCCINI. Claudine GUIGOUD died on 22 September 1918 at the age of 78.