Limonest Patrimoine

The purpose of the Limonest Patrimoine association is to promote the knowledge and preservation of local heritage as well as the associated enhancement and communication actions.


  • It inventories and restores the heritage of the municipality of Limonest, while respecting the field of intervention of supra-communal associations such as, for example, the “Association de Sauvegarde des lavoirs des Monts d'Or”.
  • The association offers visits to promote local heritage. Other visits can also concern the regional heritage, or even national heritage (fortifications, castles, museums, etc.).
  • In its capacity to act, the association favours cooperation and consultation with other local structures, which may have another purpose (social, educational, sporting or cultural…).

The association is specialised in the Military memories of the Monts d'Or (3MO) covering the northwestern part of the Lyon agglomeration.

The Limonest Patrimoine originated from a manifestation in 2003 concerning the Military memories of the Monts d'Or led by the Municipal Culture Commission with various partners including the Amicale des Anciens Combattants de Limonest and the Military Museum of Lyon and its Region.